Parking Information

Where can you park?

Back Parking Lot on 9th & Alton Court

Synergy Yoga has a few spots in our back parking lot, but we do share this space with South Beach Tanning Company. Any spot that does not have a sign in front of it is for Synergy Yoga and you are free to park there at no charge.

Metered Parking

There is metered parking and pay by phone all along 9th & West Ave and 9th & Alton Rd. Allow yourself some extra time because Miami Beach will ticket.

Parking by Whole Foods/Walgreens

On 10th & Alton Rd. there is a parking garage next to Walgreen's which is a 3 minute walk to the studio.
Address of garage is: 1011 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Publix at 5th & Alton Rd.

In the shopping center on 5th & Alton there is a parking garage for the shopping center and is a 6 minute walk to the studio.
Address of garage is: 1100 6th Street, Miami Beach

Parking Lot on 8th & Alton Court

Next door there is a parking lot where you can pay to park. Please be advised to give yourself extra time because the parking lot is highly watched by the towing companies.