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August 1st, 2017

Synergy Yoga was just recently featured on In a recent article discussing the reasons to visit Española Way, Synergy Yoga comes in at number 4 because of our free yoga! Beginning August 26th, 2017, Yoga a la Española will debut with a free outdoor yoga class. Our classes are planned to repeat monthly, so keep checking back for more details!

What Exactly Is Kundalini Yoga, Anyways?

May 4th, 2017

Namaste, Yogis! Dan the Yoga Man here bringing love and light to you on this beautiful Monday. I have been getting a lot of people asking me about Kundalini lately. Questions such as, “What is Kundalini Yoga?“, “What is Kundalini Energy?“, or “What is a Kundalini Awakening?“.

Since the universe has been bringing Kundalini Energy to me lately, I think it is appropriate to bring it to you beautiful Yogis 🙂 Although I am master of none, especially when it comes to Kundalini, I do try to share what I have learned.

“What is Kundalini Yoga?”

To break it down simply, Kundalini Yoga is one path to awakening our Higher Self. However Kundalini does not claim to be the only way, but simply one of many ways, to accessing the divine. It is one tool of many.

This path however is very intense. It is a path that exposes our limiting self, not allowing us to hide from our deepest secrets, habits, or thoughts. It opens the box that we limit ourselves to, allowing the mind to be free, happy, and creative, developing our intuition.

“What is Kundalini Energy?”

‘Kundalini’ in sanskrit translates to “coiled snake”. In early Eastern practices, it was believed that each individual possessed a divine energy at the base of the spine, a sacred energy of creation we are born with. It is a form of Shakti, or divine, feminine energy. However, it can not be accessed by will; the snake must be uncoiled.

Once the snake is uncoiled, [Accessing the divine energy], the individual is put in direct contact with the divine. Once unlocked, the individual will feel an intense feelings of happiness, freedom, creativity, and love!

“What is a Kundalini Awakening?”

It is simple; Kundalini begins to move. The snake uncoils, and the Shakti divine female energy begins her journey back to the divine masculine energy, or Purusha.

It is unmistakable; The energy can physically be felt moving up the spine to the base of the skull. It is an incredible experience of love, peace, and bliss.
Although this sounds amazing, and it is, it is traditionally agreed that it can be dangerous to have a Kundalini Awakening without the guidance of a master. Make no mistake, this is very powerful.

“There you have it!”

This was an extremely basic explanation of an incredibly deep and powerful practice. But don’t take my word for it – I urge you to take a Kundalini class! Experience it for yourself! But be warned – It is a transformational experience that I guarantee you are not prepared for.

Namaste my friends! Don’t forget, wherever you are, practice!
Dan the Yoga Man

Bad Habits? Kundalini Hollywood Residents is the Answer!

March 25th, 2017

If you are hoping to make some positive changes in your life by getting rid of some of those bad habits that are holding you back, the answer is here. There is an ancient form of yoga, known as Kundalini, Hollandale Beach residents, that could help you. The various poses that focus on your core body help strengthen your body and the various mantras that are chanted during the exercise are just what you need to kick the habit. You will find the right class for you at Synergy Yoga.

Hallandale Beach yoga classes are a great physical workout and will leave you feeling more in tune with your body and spirit. This can make you feel better mentally and physically. It is important you take care of you and that can be achieved with yoga. Hallandale Beach residents can purchase unlimited plans or just give it a test run by attending a couple of classes. There are many forms of yoga. Hallandale residents who are curious about those various practices are invited to attend a class and see what type appeals to them the most. You can further enhance your spiritual growth by signing up for one of the many other healing classes offered.

One of the types that is rising in popularity is Kundalini. Hollywood yoga lovers will really appreciate this form and how the chanting really brings the mind, body and soul together. The Hollywood yoga classes offered are sure to appeal to you and your personal physical and spiritual needs. Ask a friend to come along and share the experience together. You are also welcome to change things up and experience different types of yoga. Hollywood residents can learn from one of the certified teachers at Synergy Yoga. Check us out today and start making those positive changes.

Invigorating Yoga Hallandale Beach Residents will Love

February 17th, 2017

If you set a goal to get in better shape this year, but had a rough start in January, it isn’t too late to get on the right track. It is never too late to start to feel better about yourself while improving your overall physical health. One exercise form that anybody, at any age or fitness level can take advantage of is yoga. Hallandale Beach area residents can check out the variety of classes offered at Synergy Yoga. You are sure to find a class that fits into your busy schedule and will help you feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

There are many different kinds of yoga. One of the styles that is growing in popularity is kundalini. Hallandale Beach residents will appreciate how this type of yoga works the entire body. You will feel refreshed and energized down to your very soul after a few sessions of yoga. Hollywood residents will love how their body is stretched and strengthened in every workout. It is low-impact, which makes it possible for just about anybody to participate in. There are Hollywood yoga classes offered throughout the day. If you are the type to start your morning off right, check out a morning session. If your schedule doesn’t allow a morning workout, evening and late evening classes are also an option.

Don’t miss out on yoga. Hallandale residents who have never experienced the invigorating form of exercise are truly missing out. Hallandale Beach yoga classes will help you reach your fitness goals and ensure you are ready for summer at the beach. If you have never tried it, you don’t know what you are missing. Don’t way another day, check out kundalini. Hollywood residents are going to be hooked and from there, getting in shape is easy. You will love working out. Call or visit Synergy Yoga today and get signed up for your next class.

Inspire Your Body with Kundalini Hallandale Beach Residents

January 28th, 2017

If your new year’s resolution included you taking steps to get healthier, you may need a little help. Often times, getting started is the hardest part. People often assume they need to run miles everyday or hit the gym and pump iron in order to get fit. That isn’t the case at all. There is another option—yoga. Hallandale Beach area residents will love the way they feel inside and out after a session with one of the trained instructors at Synergy Yoga. You will quickly become addicted to the way you feel after an invigorating workout.

Unlike most other forms of exercise classes offered around Hallandale Beach, yoga is a low-impact form of exercise. It works the body, mind and spirit. The poses stretch your muscles and leave you feeling invigorated, but peaceful at the same time. There is no other experience quite like yoga. Hallandale residents can check the schedule to find a class that works around their schedule. Early in the morning, middle of the afternoon or late evening classes are all available. There is no excuse for ignoring your spiritual, physical and emotional health any longer.

There are several types of yoga aimed to target different needs. One of the local favorites is Kundalini. Hallandale Beach residents who are looking for a way to improve their willpower and strengthen their resolve all while improving their physical being will love Kundalini. Hollywood residents who are interested in learning more about Kundalini can take one of the classes to get an idea of what it is all about. A Hollywood yoga class is perfect for getting your day started right or working off a stressful day. It is time to look to yoga. Hollywood area residents who want to make a change can call Synergy Yoga to learn more about taking a yoga class that suits their schedule and needs.

New Year Yoga Teacher Training

December 18th, 2016

This is your year. This is when you get to make a change in your life that will help you grow personally and professionally. A new job or a new career is exciting and when you get to do something you love, it is even better. Many people are natural born teachers. When you are passionate about something, it inspires you to share with others. Yoga teacher training, Miami residents, is the perfect way for you to get into a career that you love while tapping into your desire to share health and wellness with others. If you have a desire to get healthy and teach others about holistic wellness, check out the classes Synergy Yoga offers.

There are many different types of yoga. Each type is developed with some specific goals in mind. If you have never experienced some of the various styles, it would be a good idea to give each of them a try. You may find you truly love one more than the other. It may ignite your passion and inspire you to go after that yoga teacher training class. Unlike other career options, you won’t spend years in a stuffy classroom trying to earn a degree. Becoming a yoga teacher is relatively quick and you are actually getting a skill that helps you and earns you money.

It doesn’t take long to look into Miami Beach yoga teacher training. Spend some time browsing the requirements and the different classes that are available. There is no time like the present to make some changes in your life that will leave you happier and healthier. You don’t have to wait for a new year. You can make the commitment now. Give Synergy Yoga a call today and see what you need to do to take the first step to becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Give the Gift of Yoga Teacher Training

November 22nd, 2016

syn_11Do you have someone in your life that loves to do yoga? Maybe they have thought about teaching yoga for a living, but just don’t know where to start. You could give the gift that keeps on giving by investing in yoga teacher training. Miami residents who are not sure what to give a loved one can look into furthering their education and really helping them grow as an individual by offering to pay for the course that will earn them their teaching certification. The team at Synergy Yoga offer a variety of classes that will ensure your loved one gets the gift they really want this year.

It can be difficult to think of the perfect gift. You want something that will last a long time, remind the person of who gave it to them and of course, please the person who receives the gift. For those who are enthusiastic about yoga or have an infinity for teaching and fitness, Miami Beach yoga teacher training makes sense. The classes generally take about 5 to 6 weeks to complete. This includes 200 hours of training, which is the requirement to earn a certification. Along with yoga, future instructors will get instruction in the hows and why and how to use yoga to heal and promote health.

Maybe you are interested in yoga teacher training. Miami residents can add one of these certification classes to their wishlist. Imagine getting to help people while helping yourself. You will not only appreciate how great you feel, but the extra money you can earn makes it really worthwhile. A dream for many is to find a job that is fulfilling and makes them happy. Yoga just may be the answer. Check into Synergy Yoga today and see how you can make your dreams or the dreams of a loved one come true.

Enroll in Yoga Teacher Training Miami Residents

October 19th, 2016

syn_10Are you passionate about yoga? Do you love to do yoga? If you have answered yes to these questions, you may have what it takes to turn your passion for yoga into a profession that brings you a great deal of joy and satisfaction. There are many reasons why people get started with yoga and once they do, it can be addicting. It is a healthy form of exercise that brings the mind and body together and leaves you feeling great inside and out. If you want to turn your love for yoga into a paying job, it is a great time to look into yoga teacher training. Miami residents can visit Synergy Yoga to learn more about the various certifications and training being offered.

In as little as 5 weeks, you could become a certified yoga instructor. There are many reasons why people choose this profession. It is one of the few jobs that benefits the teacher and the student while the teacher earns an income. Miami Beach yoga teacher training will delve into the history of the ancient form of exercise and allow you to really understand the many benefits. It is so much more than doing poses and learning different breathing techniques. You really need to understand the why before you can become an instructor, which is exactly what you will get with these classes.

The intensive yoga teacher training packs 200 hours of instruction into a 5 week period. This means you will be certified and on your way to helping others and earning money at the same time in under two months. There are few other jobs where you can get certified in such a small amount of time. The yoga craze is not going to die out. People want to get healthy without spending hours doing cardio. This is your chance to help others. Give Synergy Yoga a call today and learn more about the upcoming classes.

Get Yoga Teacher Training Today

September 25th, 2016

syn_09If you love yoga and have been working long and hard to master the art, you may not even realize you are harboring a valuable skill set that could earn you money. Yoga continues to grow in popularity as more people realize the many benefits of the exercise. Anybody, from any age group and almost any current physical condition can do yoga. The poses are meant to be low impact, which makes them ideal for the people that are not physically able to do heavy cardio or any kind of strenuous exercise. If you would like to use your love for yoga to instruct others, you should look into yoga teacher training. Miami residents can earn a nice income on the side or make it their full time job. You will find all you need to become a certified instructor at Synergy Yoga.

The certification process is much easier than you would think. You don’t have to attend extensive classes or pay a lot of money to earn your certificate. The standard certification is just 200 hours of training. Yoga teacher training is relatively easy, especially if you are familiar with yoga and are able to demonstrate the poses. Having a people personality is also beneficial.

There are plenty of benefits to you.

You will be helping others
You will get to do yoga as a job
You will grow as a person

There are plenty of other reasons to become a Miami Beach yoga teacher. Training is fun and you will never feel like you are working. You will love getting to know more about your body and how yoga can help you and the people you are training. If you would like to learn more about the process or find out about the next training schedule, give Synergy Yoga a call today.

Pregnancy Fitness with Miami Prenatal Yoga

August 31st, 2016

syn_08Pregnancy is an exciting time for a couple. There is so much anticipation for the arrival of the baby and dreams of spending precious time with the little one. For some moms, the idea of gaining weight is very stressful. Obviously some weight gain is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean a woman has to give up on physical fitness all together. In fact, pregnancy is a time for staying in good shape. The better shape a woman is in throughout the pregnancy, the better she will feel. It will also help make the labor and delivery process easier. Getting back into shape after the baby is born is also going to be easier if there has been some kind of fitness routine throughout the pregnancy. Miami Beach prenatal yoga classes are the perfect solution for pregnant women. At Synergy Yoga, you will find a variety of classes to suit your needs.

Women who were never big on exercise can start doing Miami prenatal yoga with their doctor’s approval. It is a great time to start taking their health seriously. Yoga stretches will help alleviate the many backaches that go along with being pregnant. Strengthening and toning the muscles in the back, abdomen and legs will make the extra weight from the pregnancy a little easier to carry.

Miami beach yoga classes are also a great way to network with other expecting moms. Being able to share your frustrations, fears and successes with others who are pregnant is important. It gives you a special kinship knowing you are not the only one having those feelings. After the pregnancy, you can switch to a new class tailored to getting back in shape. Yoga is an excellent stress reducer, which will be a valuable tool for new moms. Head into Synergy Yoga today and check out the many different classes and give one a try.